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Why physicians die by suicide

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The book, Why Physicians Die by Suicide: Lessons Learned From Their Families and Others Who Cared, released an important information: medical doctors don’t like to be put on stigma and are reluctant to seek psychiatric care.

Apparently these medical doctors who still can help the other people but meanwhile can not help themselves out. I went through all the United States Medical Licensing Exam, and I have to say that the medical training and certification is a long haul. Even after the licensure, some board requires re-examination every five or ten years. When medical doctors strictly follow the doctrines and can’t see further outside of the circle, their visions become limited.

Everyone needs some help at some point

At this point, they need help from others. Medial doctors with a PhD is better, because research brings them fun and sense of achievement, and working on other type of work is a get-away from the clinical work. In the report from Mayo Clinic Proceedings, surgeons in the USA seem inclined to burn out with the suiciding thinking too. This is a little different from what I experienced in China. As a surgeon from there, surgeons are more about dexterousness, and therefore once skills is developed in the academic setting, the working pressure is transferred to the lower levels of surgeons.

I call my naturopath practice as integrative medicine because of my medical background and top level of scientific training. But in the medical field, even integrative medicine is being fiercely  suspected. This is because mainstream medicine considers naturopath as the lack of strong evidence.

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