Children's health

What does a baby want


Parents has to know what the baby wants when they cry. Temperature, hunger, diaper, noise, sleepiness and colic/pain are the common reasons. Most of the time, however, there’s no reason. Simply swinging, sucking or shushing can soothe the babies. These seem to be identical across cultural backgrounds, and might be human nature. The reason is that these measures are mimics of the situation when the baby was in the womb.

Traditional medicine was never able to decrease the mortality in human population

For some real sickness, the young parents should know their limits and seek medical advices. I feel the western medicine sometimes gives the baby too much x-ray radiation, even though it is necessary to know the infectious conditions in the lungs. However, I have to say the modern medicine has decreased the mortality in the newborns and infants compared to traditional eastern or western medicine. Even in the affluent era or areas in China when Chinese medicine was prosperous, the mortality was still high compared to modern times. In the lethal conditions, medication have saved millions of babies’ lives.

Integrative medicine provides easy approaches for the babies

But there are still some pearls that I can pick up in integrative medicine that is very effective in the chronic conditions in newborn, infants and toddlers. Homeopathy is a good pick for babies. Baby’s small body and thinner layers of skin and muscle determine that they are more sensitive and receivable to the human touch. If the touch area or points are on the meridians, there will be therapeutic effects. Body massage can promote the blood and lymphatic flow more significantly than that in the adults. Simple more touching of the baby can speed up the growth of the baby. The baby’s digestion system is fragile and developmental, but simple point pressure can promote baby’s digestion function. Integrative medicine knows when the baby needs medication, but most of the time, drugs are not what the babies want.