Vitamine D, a therapeutic for asthma


The recent issue of Lancet Respiratory Medicine has a discussion of Vitamin D for asthma treatment and prevention.

They found that Vitamin D supplementation decreased the asthmatic attack frequency, ER visit and hospitalization, as well as reliance on the corticosteroids. The individuals participated in the study are people from three continents and six countries, with age from 1 to 85. They also found that Vitamin D reduced the risk of flu and common cold.

How does Vitamin D work?

It is believed that Vitamin D can balance the immune functions, however, how exactly Vitamin affect our body in different organs and systems are still elusive to doctors and scientists. This is still a preliminary data so that no evidence based guideline could be recommended. Vitamin D is a common therapeutic for integrative medicine, naturopath and functional medicine. High dose Vitamin D is only used in pediatrics in conventional medicine, and that is rickets. Besides asthma, Vitamin D is also beneficial for cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, pregnancy-related outcomes, skeletal disorders, multiple sclerosis, mental health disorders, and inflammation, as well as mortality.

Before the mysterious mechanism about how Vitamin D improves so many conditions is figured out, primary care providers and patients need to know all the therapeutic effects. It is also confirmed in another way: epidemiologically the areas of Vitamin D deficiency are also those areas of high prevalence of asthma. However this can’t prove the pathogenic effect of Vitamin D deficiency.

Next time you visit you doctor, talk about Vitamin D and give a try of the blood levels of Vitamin D, and maybe you will be the next person benefited from Vitamin D supplementation.