A teenage boy’s concern

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A cab driver to talk with

When I first came to the country, driving a taxi was the only job I could find. It was an amazing experience for me and for many passengers. When passengers find this man from China speaks “perfect” english, they were surprised. And when they found out it was just like in the movies that the taxi driver was a doctor, they became excited.

Sometimes when the passenger was a nurse or a group of nurses, they began with being skeptical by asking their “medical questions”; and after hearing the answers close to their medicine, they began to love you. Many times, it was the passenger that immediately became a patient. Elderly males asked about recent medical exams of him or his relatives, in order to confirm what he has learned from his medical professionals. Young males, after learning that I was a urologist, asked his private questions that has been confusing to him.

I have to say that these passengers were eager to ask those questions. It gave me the feeling that on this continent, people can’t find the doctors to ask their questions, or even express their concerns. It was either because the good doctors seems available, but in fact not really accessible to talk about patients’ concerns, or because whoever doctor that they saw didn’t actually know their stuff. Some older teenagers have a pediatrician who’s there with him since his birth, but the big boys still couldn’t feel easy to ask the sex and penis related questions.

Sometimes, doctors have to admit there is ego in themselves or even the medical profession. Being normal and down-to-earth is easy to say but hard to achieve, especially in the eyes of the patients who only see a nice doctor in front of them. To find a real doctor with real medical training however being humble seems difficult on this continent. But it is common in the eastern world where the medical career was one of the “lowest nine professions”, and the doctors can be punished traditionally if the service for the king or upper class wasn’t satisfactory.


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