Responsible drinking or no drinking

If I say there is no responsible drinking or no low-risk drinking, am I going to be too boring, especially when a woman desperately needs a drink at a party.

Alcohol do causes some cancers: breast, esophageal, colon and liver. But if I am asked the question do I drink alcohol, and I say yes. I ask my patients do you drink alcohol, and very few, I would say below 10% say no. In many cultures from east to west, if you don’t drink some alcohol, you are not part of their people. Most people drinks from a few times per year to a few times per month, and those amount of drinking is considered low-risk or no-risk drinking. Is it true?

There is no safe level of drinking.

My grandfather who lives to 98 years of age, have one to two drinks everyday for the last thirty years of his life. He had low blood pressure, and it seems to help maintained his BP levels. He only drink very little before his sixties because back then alcohol was hard to get. But I guess if alcohol was easily accessible, it would be a different story for him. Physiologically there is no safe level of drinking, any level of alcohol causes leaky gut and affect the integrity of the barrier in the gastrointestinal mucosa. Socially, any level of alcohol could have cognitive effects and leads to behavioral effects.

I am not going to be boring and useless alcohol shamer here, because anyways in the population there is high percentage of drinkers of different levels. But it is wise to bear in mind there is no such a thing of minimum level of drinking. If possible, no drinking is the best choice for ourselves. Besides the obvious fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, we don’t know how otherwise alcohol affects the development of fetus in the uterus and the growth afterwards. Certainly everyone has the right to choose her or his own poison, but make it safe, healthy and good.


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