Resistance exercises in prostate cancer patients: supportive care with beneficial results

Your doctor might have told you many times to exercise. Of course, exercise is good for us. But in prostate cancer patients, resistance exercises is especially beneficial due to the special changes in these patient’s body.

Significant improvement of life quality

Decreased quality of life includes muscular atrophy, loss of libido, pain, depression, sexual dysfunction, impaired cognitive dysfunction, penile shortening; and if deprivation of androgen treatment is introduced, detrimental changed in the body composition and hot flashes also occur. Even though there is no pragmatic protocol for now, beneficial results are definitely shown from the resistance exercises. Body muscular and cardiopulmonary fitness significantly increased, so is the body composition.

Kids and elderly are similar

When we were kids, we didn’t need to be forced to exercise. Playing is kids’ nature, and that is how kids grow. On another end of our life span, exercise isn’t of less importance. This is how our body maintains youth. A lot of morbid conditions are bimodal, which means incidence peaks on the two ends of life span. Great similarities between the two ends determine that in order to follow the nature’s rule, same mechanisms should be adapted. Being naive or childish is one to follow. Kids like to challenge themselves with resistance. So is the elderly and those who are close to being terminally sick.

Reference:  prostate cancer and RE


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