Prostate cancer prevention with fruits

Traditionally in Europe, Pomegranate has been considered as the food for prostate cancer prevention. A recent study of 14 years duration and 130,000 men with self-reported consumption of vegetable and fruit showed a small reduction of prostate cancer correlated with more consumption of common fruits.

Urology centers are using pomegranate

Numerous major urology cancer centers used pomegranate juice or extract capsules in replace of fresh pomegranate for the integrative oncology therapy of prostate cancer. Like other fruits, pomegranate contains the antioxidant ingredient, polyphenols, which is considered as the major ingredient that plays a role in anti-neoplasm. Pomegranate beverages, fresh fruit or extraction capsule are used pre- and post- the prostate cancer treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy in different urological cancer centers. The commonly used range of doses is 237ml (8oz) to 500ml of pomegranate juice or equivalents.

If there is family history of prostate, it’s not a bad idea to drink the pomegranate juice on  a daily basis, which is easier to get and keep than fresh fruits. There are some other benefits of pomegranate such cardiovascular health, anti-microbial and minor Viagra effects. The eastern medicine never mentioned pomegranate for the prostate health, probably because the incidence of prostate cancer in Asian population is relatively low. But pomegranate is used there for the beneficial effects in cardiovascular and anti-diarrhea.