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Relieve stress from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

There are a few common wrong ideas about the common condition polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), even in the junior medical doctors.

Common wrong ideas
  • The first wrong idea is that the PCOS patients are mostly overweight or obese. The incidence and prevalence of PCOS in different ethnic groups around the world are very similar. However, the percentage of over-weighted population in these countries are dramatically different, say east asian and american. In the population of mostly lean weight, PCOS patients are mostly lean. This fact is very different from in the america.
  • Another common wrong idea is PCOS is infertile. This idea gives PCOS patients a lot of stress. The fact is that most of the PCOS patients are able to gain fertility, and that is why PCOS is called subfertility, which means not an ideal condition but reversibly back to normal levels. Given the prevalence of PCOS of 10% (4-12%), the population infertility rate would be too high if PCOS is infertile. As a matter of fact, one subtype of PCOS, the subtype C, has completely normal ovulatory function.
  • Then comes the last wrong idea, all PCOS patients have multiple cystic ovarian morphology. The exception is that subtype B of PCOS has normal ovarian morphology.

Even these ideas are wrong, obesity before and during adolescent is a big risk factor for PCOS. Once PCOS is diagnosed, it should be effectively treated as soon as possible. The hyper-estrogen state is harmful to the endometrium.

After all, an improved life style will benefit the patient not just on the gynecological and endocrinological systems, but also on the cardiovascular and psychological functions.