Plantar heel pain solution from integrative medicine

Plantar heel pain is common in the general population, especially in the older age and the athletes. There are many therapies available. If you go to a walk-in clinic, a shoe insert orthotics and/or medications  will be offered. The orthotics won’t work right away or even in few weeks, so that some medication will be added. At a family doctor’s office, approaches with more planning and follow-ups will be offered. A tape or brace on the foot to relieve pressure on he heel or corticosteroid injection can be given. If things doesn’t work out, however, they will refer patients to the physical therapists.

What does integrative medicine has to offer?

Integrative medical doctor uses everything mentioned above, and also things outside the box. There is one thing that integrative medicine commonly wouldn’t use, opioids. Opioids addiction is a medical and social issue.

  • Adjustment with the western or eastern way on the joints on the foot will better coordinate the joints in the foot area and provide a functional rebalancing of the foot joints.
  • With traditional medicine, such as acupuncture, the plantar heel pain can be temporarily relieved after a few treatments and permanently eradicated after a certain numbers of treatments.
  • Other modalities of traditional medicine, such as homeopathy, may help with certain qualities of pain such as sharp and lightening, or dull, when the pain is associated with certain mental and emotional conditions. As medically trained, the integrative medical physician differentiates the pain from other causes such as neuropathy due to systemic diseases or nutritional status.