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Neglected male’s health


Men are important, of course.

Men, as husband, father or son, always play the role of protecting the others. Not necessarily tough, men must be strong.

When men get sick.

Men are made of flesh and blood, not steel. But men are not tolerated of compromised strength and performance. As a urologist/surgeon of more than twenty years, I have seen many men are reluctant to come to present their male’s health issues. They can be brought in either by their significant other or their loving mother. But without female in their lives, they rarely come in seeking health advice as a man, especially those younger fellows.

Woman grow up with monthly issues that they need to take care of, which can be stressful, but also make themselves watchful of small things in and around their body. Men are also sensitive and fragile, however always neglect their own health issues.

Different age group of men have different kinds of troublesome problems in the male reproduction system and neuro-mental system. Most general practitioners, without being trained specifically in male’s health, lack specific insights in dealing with men’s health (Refer my article “A teenage boy’s concern“. Many men needs specific doctors to talk with, just as many women do. I create this category in my blog to remind myself writing on these topics for readers who may have interests. Refer my article in the men’s health category, and articles such as antibiotics in chronic prostatitis.


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