Naturopathic support before and after surgery


Surgical preparation routines have three parts.

  • First, anesthesia preparation is to avoid contents in the digestive track come up and into the respiratory tract.
  • Second, local preparation around the incision area.
  • Third, mental and legal preparation to assure patients and surgeons are both ready.
Naturopathic prep has to be individual

Naturopathic preparation, however, is quite individual, regarding the nutrition condition, pathophysiological conditions of both pre- and post- surgery and mental readiness.

Naturopathic preparation is involved in elective surgery or semi-elective surgery, but not emergency surgery. For elective and semi-elective, surgeon already chooses the indication, making sure that the patient’s physical and mental conditions are ready for the operation.

Healing and bleeding known to everybody

For gut surgery that requires parenteral nutrition, all the vitamins and minerals are already evaluated by the surgical staff. Generally speaking, neutraceuticals for collagen formation such as Vitamin C and Zinc pre- surgerically will benefit.

Unless the patient has some coagulation disorder or is on blood thinner, surgeons won’t worry about bleeding. But if patient is on any herbs that may affect coagulation and platelet aggregation, the surgeon will be mad.


Homeopathic Arnica is the favorite of many nursing staff in the surgical ward, and most surgeons just consider it as placebo that won’t interrupt any post-surgery physiology conditions.

Find a practitioner who knows surgery

In general, surgery is a separate art and science. Each surgery is unique. Naturopathic support is best to be individually provided from the person who knows about surgery.