Move stress out of the “being”



How cancer initiates

I spent twenties years studying cancers, both as a surgeon and a medical scientist. Some cancers are congenital, such as retinoblastoma; some are genetic, as to certain types of cancers originated from almost all organs. As the urologist that studied the paternal originated birth defect, I finished the study on the DNA methylation study on male reproduction cells at Peking Union Medical College in Beijing in the year of 2001. The link between cancer and birth defects are that they can be both some types of mutation, but on different cells, one being the somatic cells and the other being the reproduction cells. This link and the carcinogenesis proteins has been my ambition for cancer treatment and high quality genetics without congenital defects for twenty years.

Legend of cancer survivors

As a clinician, I frequently look into the stress factors in cancer. A type of meditation in China, qi gong, has shown either improved quality of life or survival rate in different clinical trials. Many times we have heard about the legends of cancer survival. I say legend because the stories from different countries and cultural backgrounds are similar. For example, a person diagnosed of cancer at the age of fifties, sixties or seventies, then she(he) realized that she should be relieved from everything around her and begin focusing on the hobbies she really enjoys such as drawing, gardening, writing or go to some place being total relief and stress free.

How stress involved in cancer treatment

Stress can’t change of gene coding, but it affects gene’s functions in immune, endocrine and central nervous systems. Ideally, the human body is the entity “being” harmonized interior and exterior. Stress interferes with the harmony of our “being” part of the nature. However, it is easy to say when we get cancer and then become happier with all the relief. Imagine the tough situation of fighting cancer however stress free.

Cancer treatment is serious matter

This is how a practitioner play roles in adjusting the disharmony. Cancer treatment is medicine, and cancer is lethal, therefore practitioner involved in caner treatment should know medicine well and contribute besides the mainstream treatments of surgery, chemo- and radio- therapies.