Low serum calcium risky on heart

This is not to talk about any medical conditions or patients in the intensive care unit, instead it is the result of sudden heart arrest in the general population. This result on Mayo Clinic Proceedings is meaningful for those who have high intensity trainings or just exercise a lot, without medical conditions such as cardiomyopathy or eating disorders.

Even though we can’t examine the serum levels of calcium all the time, but beverages with added calcium prior to the exercise will be beneficial. The optimum (rather than normal) level of serum calcium is a tricky issue. It’s been shown that consumption of foods high in calcium reduced the risk of MI’s. On the other hand, taking calcium supplementation didn’t offer any protection, which means it was some other things in the calcium-rich food that play the protective roles.

Overload of Calcium not necessarily good.

Calcium supplementation is recommended for those whose daily intake is below 1000 mg.  But excess calcium can cause problems such as tissue calcification (coronary artery, heart valves and myocardial fibers), arrhythmia, renal stones, gastric ulcer and psychiatric symptoms such as depression, anxiety and cognitive function impairments.

There are plenty of calcium rich food, generally speaking they are fish with bones, milk and products, and green vegetables. Remember the basis of integrative medicine is to eat healthy. In the issue of serum calcium, being medically within the normal range, which is no hypercalcemia or hypocalcemia, just means there is a normal calcium homeostasis. However, during extreme conditions, especially exercising, even with all the physiologic regulators of calcium metabolism such as PTH and Vitamin D, troubles still arises according to the result on Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

This comes to the integrative sports medicine that integrative medical doctors care about. Professionally levels of exercises should always consult a professional with training in sports medicine.


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