Integrative Medicine

A good source of power in the human body


How spinach gives Popeye so much energy?

The secret is in chlorophyll. Green leafy vegetables are a rich source of chlorophyll, important in offsetting stress by alkalizing the body. Chlorophyll also cleanses and oxygenates the blood, making it an essential nutrient and a true performance enhancer. Having more oxygen available in the blood translates to better endurance and an overall reduction in fatigue.

Why leafy green vegetables?

In their raw state, chlorophyll-containing plants possess an abundance of enzymes that promote the quick rejuvenation of  our cells. The consumption of chlorophyll-rich, leafy green vegetables combined with exercises is the best way to create a biologically younger body. Apparently, because of the other nutrients in the green leafy vegetables, eating natural vegetables are better than only taking supplemental chlorophyll.

A list of leafy greens: Beet greens, Butter lettuce, Chinese cabbage, Collards, Dandelion greens, Dinosaur kale, Mustard greens, Red leaf lettuce, Romaine lettuce, Spinach, Swiss chard.