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How to get protein for vegetarians

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Protein, a constant must have for our body.

Protein is the body’s building nutrient that constructs body tissue. Regeneration happens all the time in our body. It is an ongoing process: In the course of the day, through normal wear and tear, body tissue is constantly being broken down and rebuilt.

Our body cannot utilize protein directly. From the food we eat, the body converts protein into amino acids for use. We can help our body speed the regeneration process and be more efficient in the fabrication of new cells by eating foods rich in amino acid—one-step foods. This way, the body does not have to expend energy to convert protein into amino acids.

Vegetarians can also get plenty of protein.

Greens have the highest percentage of amino acids per ounce of any food. However, since greens do not weigh much, they need to be eaten daily to reap the full benefits that their amino acid profile offers. Eating a large green salad each day is part of the healthy diet. Foods Rich in Amino Acids: Hemp; Leafy greens; Sprouts: legumes, pseudograins; seeds(nuts).