Holidays and weight control

Most important: alcohol and weight control

Holiday season is certainly time of the year that we easily indulge ourselves with careless eating. And during holidays, eating and drinking do correlate with each other closely. Before the party, we always have a plan about what to wear. At the same time, to plan ahead when and how much to drink and eat is also necessary. Alcohol lowers inhibitions on food restriction and also increase appetite for most people. Therefore, it is a good idea to hold the main drinking after the main course is served. It is also found that the inability to exercise out of home or even in the house after drinking is a cause that lead to weight gain.

How to monitor weight control

It seems no-brainer to monitor weight with a scale. That is how doctors do in their offices. It is not necessarily true. Scale doesn’t give us the idea of how much fat and muscle are in the body. It is just a way to monitor the progress. There are a few other ways to give yourself monitoring.

  1. Take a photo before the holiday, with an address that is close-fitting. You will feel motivated and feel better about yourself when you see the change.
  2. Sleep is important during the holiday. Lack of sleep contribute to increased hunger levels and overeating at night time. On the other hand, under-eating is also a cause of poor sleep. Be gentle and flexible to yourself when you are on a diet. A dairy of sleep and eating is a good idea.
  3. Mood, energy level and thoughts. Especially toward sweets, you may feel anxious about eating it because you are told it is the main culprit. But you feel deprived without it, or guilty after eating it. When you eat it, write down how much you eat and your mood and thoughts before and after. Adjust and monitor the change after you have a snack candy bar, or other restricted food that you are emotional about. Also monitor your energy levels. If you feel lethargic and mind cloudy without the sweet, write down on the diary and see how you feel after you eat a little more.
Vegetables rich in protein

To name a short list: tofu, beans, legumes, spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts. Also wild rice, oatmeal, chia, nuts and seeds.

Holiday traveling and weight control

Many people will travel during holidays. It is unavoidable to eat at american airport, not mentioning the snow storms. What is the idea about eating at airports?

  1. Nuts, yogurts, salad and fruits. These are easy to grab at most major airports. Rich in vitamins, protein, fiber and antioxidants.
  2. Turkey wrap, turkey sandwich and ham sandwich, with or without cheese, is good source to fight hunger with enough protein and calories.
  3. Sausage McMuffin with or without cheese. Available everywhere, with McCoffee,  but should be restricted on sugar or sweeteners. Remember the holiday indulgment. Good with protein and calories.
  4. Pretzels with hummus. If you bring your own carrots and chia with you. Your airport stay seems very prepared.