Cardiovascular health regeneration

Heart is a sensitive organ. Nerves regulate the heart day and night, mainly by sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve. When we sleep, the parasympathetic nerve takes control, then the heartbeat is slow down. On another hand, heartbeat sends reflex to nerves, and affects our brain, mind and thinking all the time.

Heart is actually the only organ that can be severely damaged from shortage of one single micronutrient: Selenium. The KeShan Disease that is a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with a dilated but thinned heart wall. This is a condition with impaired ejection function. One may have a strong heart, but generally speaking, human beings' physical hearts are fragile. For those who are on cardiovascular medications, along with the symptomatic improvements, certain nutrients are always depleted and insufficient.

The disastrous feeling that anxiety brings to people is the uncontrollable fast heartbeat. Anxiety patients explain that it is the feeling of the end of the world when the heart is about to jump out of throat.

When the heart becomes too tired to pump out blood, it is called the heart failure condition. This end stage condition is rarely reversible, and one has to make things under control before it's too late. Tachycardia is that the heart beats too fast all the time, which may lead to heart failure. For those who are going through significant emotional stresses in their life, the heart failure may ensue. That's the period of time when one's "heart is broken".

Since the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves control heart rates, cardiologists use beta-blocker to control the heart rates. Atrial fibrillation is a common arrhythmic condition. It is a dangerous condition in the elderly due to the risk of stroke. On another hand, atrial fibrillation and similar conditions can also be managed and treated with a detailed planned heart nourishment program.

The heart nourishment program is based on the theory of Cardiac-mental-spiritual axis, which is the combination of contemporary medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, dietary/nutrition and integrative medicine. The interaction between heart and mental/spiritual makes the latter a significant healing factor in cardiac conditions. Meanwhile, a healthy cardiovascular system is the premise of clear thinking and cognition. The data from clinical literatures, as well as many years of research at the International Society of Cardiac, Mental and Spiritual Axis have contributed to the creation of the heart nourishment program.

The heart nourishment program teaches the clients how to nourish your heart on a daily basis. The patients feel significant improvement in their symptoms of palpitations, heartbeat drop, short of breath and chest tightness, whithin as short as a few days in the program.

As “the king of all the government officials”, heart is considered as the chief organ of all. In traditional Chinese medicine, the heart health dominates the neuro/mind/spirit health. While there are nutrients and herbs for heart health, love is still the deep solution for all. Originated from mind, love nourishes heart and mind. However, in most of the circumstances, love is also the most hard-to-get solution. A strong impacting program will make this solution more likely to happen.

Heart is special in its energy. This energy isn't just the ATP that every other kinds of cells have, or the pacemaking specialty of the cardiac cells to keep heart cells beating involuntarily. In Chinese medicine, heart dominates the "shen", which is the spiritual God. Many acupuncturist put needles in Shenmen in ear and wrist everyday for its effectiveness in soothing and relaxing. On the surface it looks like how beta-blockers works by slowing down everything. The underlying mechanisms and therapeutic effects are actually way deeper than those routine practice. Here is an example of SCAD and FMD.

Spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) is currently considered as the Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD) in the heart. But one is image diagnosis and the other is pathological diagnosis. As we all know, that science and medicine change all the time, with the change in politics and the capital behind. The cardiovascular image diagnoses aren't the same as pathological that is the gold standard under the microscope. FMD prevalence are actually as high as 10% in the healthy people. FMD patients come with a normal lifespan, but SCAD causes heart attack. So the key is: why it is in the heart and why it causes heart attack.

Heart, as a special organ with energy, is totally beyond understanding from allopathic medicine. This is where the Integrative Cardiology Institute comes from: to find the truth; to build the energy connection between the human body and the nature. To co-ordinate with the nature is the medicine that has never changed for the entire human history in any ethnic culture. It is the survival mechanism that is the true meaning of lifestyle medicine: to fit the nature's energy.

Final words:

At Integrative Cardiology Institute, every single aspect of practice is founded on the ground of science, medicine and specialities such as Cardiology, General Internal Medicine and Psychiatry. Even we see some positive outcomes from alternative medicine, the evidence has to be sought back into literatures and published clinical data as well as research with colleagues. Grown on the solid foundation of science, medicine, surgery and psychiatry, the integrative medicine practice not just builds confidence in the practitioner, but also gain trusts from clients. The International Society of Cardiac, Mental and Spiritual Health has won strong support from colleagues including renowned scientists, MDs, psychologists and alternative therapists and practitioners from around the world. Across human races, cultures, ethnic and spiritual backgrounds, this ultimate solution produces an ultimately balanced wellbeing with a happy and healthy heart.