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Hair loss in females

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Female hair loss is a common condition and  very frustrating. This can happen as early as the age of early twenties. Most people are conscious about unusual hair loss during shampoo/combing, and noticing the thinner of hair volume. Doctors usually have to exclude medical cause such as causes of endocrinology, dermatology and infections. Then they advice on a balanced diet and good rest and sleep.

Most of the time, there is no medical causes that can be found in female hair loss.
  1. Stress. It seems that stress is just everywhere no matter how well you handle it. Modern people think their lives are more stressful than ever, including school, work, finance and family. This is not necessarily true, if you think about ancient people who lived during wars,  or were worried about animal hunting and crops harvest. Stress is part of human nature, and nobody can get rid of it. It is just about the way we cope with stress. Stress affects how our body takes the nutrients and increases the demand of certain nutrients. With stress, even a balanced meal may induce relative deficiency of iron, B12, biotin and silica.
  2. Cardiac Mental Spiritual Axis balance. The heart nourishment program effectively rebalance the stress. The details can be found here.
  3. In my clinical work I have rarely seen vegetarian females complain losing their hairs. Vegetables contains large amount nutrients and balanced botanical hormones for hair growth. For animals such as elephants and giraffes, their skin and hair look better when provided with good quantity and quality of grass and leaves. Simple vegetables such as celery, broccoli and cilantro contain healthy botanical hormones for human hair growth.
  4. Stick to one brand name shampoo. Don’t let your hair and scalp become the experimental field for different chemicals. Chemical ingredients of cheaper shampoos are similar, but quite different at the higher end of brand names. Make sure the hair follicles live a simple life by treating them in the same circumstances day after day. Some people found that simple gentle soap do a better job for their hair cleaning and maintenance.
  5. From the perspective of integrative medicine, hair loss can be manifestation of adrenal fatigue, estrogen dominance, thyroid issue, heavy metals, sluggish liver or PCOS. Other symptoms will be considered and evaluated in the big picture and corresponding approach will be used by the integrative doctors.
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