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Fertility treatment with Chinese traditions


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Acupuncture for fertility

I looked at how different practitioners including gynecologist, acupuncturist/TCM practitioners and many other practitioners that could use acupuncture needles in the western countries to treat fertility cases. Everybody has successful cases, and there is one common approach, the acupuncture needle. Fertility treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbs is a gift that Chinese people give to the world.

Some western practitioners make it very complicated and follow certain rules that they summarized. Some think that the Chinese people don’t know about anatomy and nerves but they are the first ones that discovered some of the acupuncture points are on the nerves. Then they invented modern acupuncture.

Could acupuncture been invented in the west, given all the anatomy details?

This brings up a question, could something like acupuncture be invented in the ancient, old, medieval period, or modern western world. The history can’t be replicated, and the fact is no. Generally speaking, western philosophy is concrete, eastern is to abstract. When we look at the visual arts such as painting, most western painting faithfully replicate every small details; while the eastern painting never does that, instead they emphasize on the general sense of feel or the spirits the artist expresses.

No matter what kind of witchy ritual it is, the western philosophy will try to follow it faithfully. If acupuncture has to be invented in a way of being specifically precise, it can never happen. Many points has nothing to do with the nerves. On another hand, nerves are long, which point to choose along the route so that they can invent a therapeutic point along the nerve.

Western approach can’t locate the points

Nerves are everywhere, and acupuncture points are everywhere. If you must say there are correlations between those two, I guess they are right. The distance of measurement in point localization, cun, is different on every individual, unlike the standard inch or centimeter, and also unlikely to happen in a western way.

Some insists that they are not doing Chinese acupuncture

Some say that they are doing Vietnamese acupuncture rather than Chinese acupuncture. This is odd because Vietnamese people were Chinese people not long time ago. In a highly mixed current and future world, opinions are mingled. But how acupuncture actually works in the fertility cases could be better thought over in an eastern way before people really understand what acupuncture is.



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