Exercises improve numbers in diabetes

HbA1C is a protein in the blood, and this protein is characterized by sugar attachment that is called glycosylation. Since this protein has a long time in the blood stream, its levels reflects the blood glucose levels for a long term of about three months.

Group based online game in the veteran hospitals for twelve months has lowered the levels of HbA1C to the scale that medications do. I wrote articles regarding exercises protect from prostate cancers, and many other cancers. What does exercises actually do?

Oxygenation with breathing and blood flowing

Yoga and other exercises with movement of the limbs contract the muscles and promote the blood flow by pressing and pushing on the vessel walls. The speed up of blood flow increases the blood-oxygen exchange rate and make the tissue better oxygenated. Better oxygenation also happens during meditation, which involve deeper breath with lower frequency and increased total volume of air flow.

Apparently, better oxygenation means more vitality for the local tissues and cells. From the eastern philosophy, stretching and movement will facilitate the qi movement in the meridians on the limbs. This is also the foundations of how Chinese herbs and acupuncture work. Different from the western herbs, the Chinese herbs are said to work on different meridians which is also different organs. Specific herb are thought to be able to fix on the excess or deficiency of organs.

Oxygenation and qi flowing

The therapeutic effects of yoga and qi gong can be attributed to the openness and smoother flow of meridians. The yoga stretching combined with the breathing control have potential mechanisms to benefit the body by both oxygenation and meridian facilitation.

People with disability can also exercise

One common issue I came cross in my office is the limitation of lower limb that restrict patient’s movement. Integrative medicine has exercises based on the above mentioned mechanism to help with an active life style for the physically limited individuals.