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Erectile dysfunction, hard nut or not

The key issue for ED patients seeing a doctor is whom to see.

Usually the family doctors or any general practitioners know how to differentiate the common causes of ED, and Viagra can be prescribed if indicated. But it can be an issue when Viagra doesn’t work and deeper levels of information is needed, or the treatment is not smooth enough to have the anticipated results.

Viagra is not for everyone

For most of the men, it is embarrassing to discuss this with a female or specifically young female, even though she is a doctor. Physician may feel alright. But for the male patients, they just don’t feel right. And for those who are lucky enough to have a doctor to discuss with, the common approaches such as Viagara might not work well.

In the western countries, urologists are completely surgical with focus on bladder, kidney, ureter and prostate. Simple stuff like circumcision are never of their practice. However, male’s health is a big thing for the urologists in the eastern countries, where most male doctors are surgeons and almost all female doctors are non-surgeons (gynecologists are not considered as surgeon there). Urological surgeons play a huge role in dealing with male’s health in a non-surgical approach.

It is the andrology about

Unless there is very severe atherosclerosis or neuropathy when a penile implant or prosthesis will be necessary, most of the conditions are manageable with non-surgical and non-medication ways. If Viagra works, things become easy. But when it doesn’t work, integrative urology or andrology is the popular branch of urology in Asia. In the past, the emperors used to ask the doctors to give them the need ability. Nowadays it becomes the culture for some males with higher social or economic status try to get.

Above all, it can be a hard nut to crack, but nuts are crackable.