Environmental medicine: integrative approaches

Even though people’s life spans are longer, it is also true that cancer incidence and prevalence is higher, and the onset age is younger. We are not living in a cleaner world compared to the pre-industrial era.

So what do the modern medicine, life style and environmental pollution do to human being?
  • When the modern medicine first came to Hong kong, the pathologist can’t find a biopsy with occluded coronary artery. When there was a rare mortality from heart attack, all the students and trainees were called upon to watch the biopsy.
  • The prevalence of osteoporosis in the postmenopausal female in Africa is much lower than the black females in america, because in Africa those women walk more and eat greener food.
No new compound is needed any more.

Modern life makes people sick. New chemicals are invented every year to make profit. But Nobel prize in chemistry never give chemists working on producing new compound anymore, because of the fact that those compound are detrimental, and beneficial only to the profit. The only thing those compounds contribute to science is that more toxicology study has to be done. Therefore more jobs are created such as the governments has to draw conclusions about whether or not carcinogenic and toxic.

What can we do?

People are living longer because of being better protected from lethal conditions, but has to rely on medication to foster the organ’s functions. Human’s body is an amazing machine, and chemical and physical lubrication can just elongate life. It is the government’s job to overcome the consequence of detrimental environment, hopefully. But at the individual level, we need to prepare our body to be contaminated as little as possible. Detoxification is offered by integrative medicine, functional medicine and naturopathic medicine. Find the right practitioner to get it done safely and efficiently.