Integrative Medicine

Drugless treatment for chronic pain

There are two facts about chronic pain.
  • The most common reason that patients come to a doctor’s office is chronic pain.
  • The most common cause of chronic pain is musculoskeletal origin.

Instead of narcotics and other chemical forms of pain killer, integrative medicine offers drugless approaches for reliable results of pain relief. Pain feeling is produced by special chemicals, which are eased off by pain-killing medications. Integrative medicine uses physical therapy or traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture to stimulate our body to produce “happy chemicals” to fight against the pain.

The mechanism about how the Chinese medicine modality works is still a mystery. Some experimentally based evidence can explain part of the Chinese medicine practice. But a large amount of Chinese medicine theories are still far beyond understanding by modern science.

Prior to the appearance of modern synthesized medications, human beings have found effective approaches for pain relief. Marijuana is a gift from nature for people in every corner on this planet. The herbs that can cause addiction is always the last resort. However, when everything else doesn’t work or stops working, this is an very useful temporary treatment for certain conditions.


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