Integrative Medicine

Cooked vegetables are good for us: facts are here


Some research shows that cooked vegetables gave us nutrients that raw vegetables can never give. This article is published here in British Journal of nutrition  link.

It isn’t always true that raw vegetables are better than cooked ones.

Modern supplements/herbal industry also use many procedures with much higher temperatures than cooking, in order to extract the therapeutic constituents. According to Chinese culture, everybody’s gastrointestinal system has their limits: some are stronger than the others, and some will only benefit from “ripen and rotten” vegetables. The Chinese use decoction to release the goodies from plants. Cooking process definitely destroy some Vitamins, to a certain degree. Depending on the time of cooking, the loss of vitamin C range from 10% to 50%.

Cooking brings us delicious dishes and better appetite, therefore the more vegetables we end up consuming bring us better health.

Consume both cooked and raw vegetables.

If you prefer raw to cooked, that is okay; but you may want to try cooked veggies once a while. Most of us like different ways of serving vegetables, depending on the specific dish and the vegetable. Enjoy the special flavor of stream cooking, baking and boiling.