Children's health

The common root that children asthma grounded

Children asthma is the dysfunction of immune system, with overactive B and T cells and hypersensitivity to certain type of allergens. The immune system is intricately balanced, as one part of the system is up-regulated, there must be some known or unknown part of the system down-regulated.

Can anybody manipulate the immune system?

Immunology is the most hopeless science in modern life science, my personal opinion, because underneath the hypotheses and theories is just the rootless foundation of immunology. People don’t know how to precisely control the system. The complexity of the immune system is way beyond people’s limit to know. There are some immunotherapy for cancer, autoimmune disease that  provide temporary relief of the symptoms with limited long term effects.

Effective integrative treatments  have existed for thousands of years. The newborns never have asthma, as they hardly have chance of contacting anything. There is genetic ground that asthma is built on, but there is nothing to trigger the genetic products in the newborns yet. Afterwards they began to sensitive the outside world, 100% through food by mouth, or combing with air pollution as which becomes issues in some places. It is the complexity of interaction between human body and nature that causes the problems. Dairy, wheat, eggs, nuts, corns, citrus and soys are the most frequently identified source of allergens. This type of allergy is hard to notice because they don’t cause symptoms with eating, but change and modify the immune system subtly.

Something integrative medicine has to say

Homeopathy can be very effective in the children and adolescence asthma, also because it works on the human body in a subtle way. The Chinese medicine says “to treat the root” for thousands of years, with its own system to interpret and treat the root.  The Chinese look into the root by looking at other signs such as dermatitis, because they think qi underneath the derma is the protection of respiratory system. This is just like aspirin in the willow barks to protect the trees. Stress and anxiety come with every episode, and mind-body training to help relax muscles also helps.