Children anxiety: best treatment is not drugs, of course

Childhood anxiety is the most common mental disease, being prevalent of 15 to 20 percent in childeren. In recent years, the rate seems increasing because of the fewer chance to interact with others and more challenges in modern life.

Integrative approaches for children anxiety

Simply counseling or cognitive behavior therapy is of the most effectiveness in achieving therapeutic results. The other approaches like anxiolytic and antidepressant medications certainly works. Homeopathy is also good for pediatric psychiatric issues. Generally speaking, integrative medicine works well for most of the childhood psychiatric conditions.

Childhood psychiatry is mostly neglected in many families and cultures. To punish even the wimpy kids is somehow a tradition in some society. In these cases, the kids cannot get any help from others but to help themselves. Even though sometimes the parents may realize it is an issue to seek medical attention, there is very few adolescent psychiatrists who specialize in the youth.

Alternative medicine practitioners are willing to help, which is the bottom line here. As long as the kids feels being helped from others, their nature to heal themselves will kick in. This is also the point that how health care workers actually provide help. No doctors is god; nature is the god. Even though you may call some doctors quack, they are still be helpful out there.

Supportive parents are above the doctor

Another key issue is that no matter what, how embarrassing it is, the parents has to be supportive. Nobody else is more important than  the parents for the children. Support from the parents may not obviously show the healing effects, but it can deteriorate without the support . Lucky kid has good parents, and even luckier, they have good healthcare providers.


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