Broken Heart Fixation

A broken heart comes from emotional stress. A broken heart could manifest as heart failure, heart attack (or any cardiac ischemia) or lethal arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation and flutter). 

A broken heart always comes from emotional stress. Emotional stress and physical stress works in completely different ways in maintaining heart energy and heart health. 

No physical stress causes heart failure and lethal arrhythmias in a short time, but the emotional stress does. This is because we are able to pause the physical when it is out of control. 

However, we can’t pause emotions that broke the heart.

broken heart fixation
broken heart fixation

A healthy heart needs to beat regularly and function within normal emotional limit.  A balanced energy circumstances is a must for the heart. Since our emotions have memories, emotional stresses either overload overnight or build up gradually. For the healing of a broken heart, the cardiac energy has to remove these stressful memories. 

At the System Medicine Institute, Dr. Ma look into each individual’s health from the perspectives of a medical scientist, medical doctor, Chinese medicine doctor and naturopathic doctor. The therapeutics that is individually designed and built on the holistic insights are the key for the success of each client.

How does fat work in the healing of a broken heart?

heart isn't only for mechanical beating. It is an emotional part of our lives.

The basis of emotions is the nervous system.

A good proportion of good fat in the diet is important.

In certain circumstances, emotional imbalances are from the diet. 

Mammals’s meats do make some individuals more emotional, such as angers and desires.

Fat is an important part of the nervous system. 

Even though low fat is good for the mechanical heart,

the emotional heart may demand more good fat for nourishing in certain circumstance. 


Heart functions as the King in the body, not because of its pulsatile and contractile capability. It is because of the emotions of love, happiness and sadness that are dominated by the heart. 

It is the heart that you feel the love exists. It is the energy that coexists with the spouse or another family member who is very close to you. 

Liver is wood that produces fire, which is heart. Liver is the mother of heart. Mother’s health is important for child’s health. Dr. Ma works on heart, liver and beyond for the broken heart fixation.

Consults and therapeutics are available through either office or remote settings. 

An individualized Fixation Program for the broken heart.