Autism is frustrating, prevention is important


The etiology of autism can be genetics and environmental, even there is no structural or chemical abnormalities that have been identified so far. How exactly autism occurs is unknown and there is no proven effective prevention and treatment plan. Up to now, psychiatric and social support is the necessary assistance for those children and families that suffer from this condition.

Vitamin and ASD

Recently, it is noticed that the prenatal multivitamin could be an effective preventive approach for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other intellectual disability in children, with a reduction of 31% in risks compared to those are not supplemented with multivitamin. In the areas with higher prevalence of autism and in the families with previous incidence of autism, this can be a important information.

Up to date, folate is the only vitamin that’s certain to prevent spinal malformation (neural tube defect) and has to be taken before and during early pregnancy. Some women don’t know they are pregnant until several weeks into their pregnancies, therefore it is recommended for all the women of child-bearing age and sexually active with possibility of conceivement with or without intention. Also for the neurological system development, autism can be another developmental issue to be prevented by supplementing multivitamin. These micronutrients work on the maternal body by optimizing the oocytes, the implantation and developmental environment.

Therefore, on the individual case by case basis, multiple vitamin besides the folate can be recommended to the same child-bearing group of females as those for folate acid.