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Dr. Ma

Dr. Kewei Ma, Medically certified (MD, ECFMG-C) and scientifically integrated (PhD, UBC). President, medical director and scientific director of Integrative Cardiology Institute. ND licensed in Canada and USA.
As one of the very few that owns these credentials, Dr. Kewei Ma provides insightful therapeutics to patients and clients with complicated conditions.

Fibrous Vegetables and Starchy Vegetables

Then what does fibers really do. Fibers are those in plants that can’t be absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Even not so nutritious by itself, fiber does an important job in maintaining […]


Fertility treatment with Chinese traditions

  Acupuncture for fertility I looked at how different practitioners including gynecologist, acupuncturist/TCM practitioners and many other practitioners that could use acupuncture needles in the western countries to treat fertility cases. Everybody […]

Neglected male’s health

Men are important, of course. Men, as husband, father or son, always play the role of protecting the others. Not necessarily tough, men must be strong. When men get sick. Men are […]

Hair loss in females

Female hair loss is a common condition and  very frustrating. This can happen as early as the age of early twenties. Most people are conscious about unusual hair loss during shampoo/combing, and noticing the thinner […]

Vegetarian’s shopping list

This is a growing list: Sea Vegetables: Arame; Kelp; Dulse; Nori sheets; Fibrous Vegetables: Avocado; Beets; Carrots; Celery; Cucumber; Dinosaur kale; Garlic Ginger; Jalapen?o pepper; Mixed greens; Onion; Red bell pepper; Scallions; Sun-dried tomatoes; Tomatoes; Zucchini; Starchy Vegetables: Squash; Yams; Sweet potatoes;   Legumes: Adzuki beans; […]

How to get protein for vegetarians

Protein, a constant must have for our body. Protein is the body’s building nutrient that constructs body tissue. Regeneration happens all the time in our body. It is an ongoing process: In […]