Cardiovascular health

Are there stroke victims around you?


The stroke risk factors continue to increase in the past ten years, despite all the risk factors are well identified and passed to the common public by media or to the patients by doctors.

Something must be wrong

The most common risk factors are hypertension, diabetes and hypercholesterolemia. The higher prevalence of risk factors makes higher incidence of the stroke victims. Apparently, some people are not doing the job. It seems that doctors are working hard to help people from suffering and saving lives. At the individual levels, it could be effective. But at the population level, situations are becoming tougher than ten years ago. It is hard to believe with all the modern technologies, high tech invention, wide-spread social media and advances in life science, people’s health are actually becoming worse.

What on earth is wrong

The problem is in the society and in the health care system. Healthy life style modification is still not available to many people. Doctors know what to do to their patients, but also being too easy to give up on counseling. According to most guidelines, six months of life style modification is the duration that physicians should try. Afterwords, medications is given to the patients. From certain point of view, it makes sense that patients should be treated to stop the progression of the risk factors and save lives. From another point of view, it is easier to give pills to fulfill the job.

There is no enough time given to the real follow-up and strict modification of life style. In reality, top good doctors seem to have more important things to do; while those who can only do life style counseling are hard to gain trustworthy, because they hardly know any good medicine.