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Antibiotics in chronic prostatitis


Chronic prostatitis is a common and nagging condition in young to mid-age males. It can be debilitating due to the chronic and persistent nature of the condition. Physicians without enough experience in male’s health frequently misdiagnose the chronic pain as other neuromuscular or even surgical conditions.

Condition progression

Physician’s efficient comforting of the patient is important, due to the somatic psychological affect of the chronic conditions. Urology specialists use oral of local antibiotics with or without culture or sensitivity test, or target to the certain common group of bacterias. Generally speaking,  in a large percentile of patients the treatment is not effective as hoped. Over years, patients develop symptoms in the other organs and systems due to the chronic debilitating.

The key to ideal result is the early consult with specialist in male health that leads to correct early treatment. For those infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria, the integrative medicine can be effective. However, it is not uncommon that some infections spread to other part of the reproduction tract without causing pain and even noticeable symptoms.

It goes away at certain age.

The condition has to be controlled in time, otherwise it will linger around until older age when the prostate actually changes in the structure at the microscopic level. At this time, due to the decreased tension of the prostate outer membrane, the levels of the pain also drops. However, other symptoms may also arise due to the hypertrophy of the gland.

Integrative medicine uses integrative approaches to treat the condition in a systemic way rather than focus on the infection. Above all, correct diagnosis based on insight of the condition is the key for a successful treatment.