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Anti-estrogenic food

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The estrogen dominance in both males and females causes issues.

It is progesterone in female and testosterone in males that balances estrogen in human’s body. Estrogen dominance is due to either excess of estrogen or shortage of the balancing progesterone or testosterone.

Plant sterols

Nuts and seeds: these contains high levels of plant sterols, which promote production of progesterone in females and testosterone in males. Other sterols rich foods are avocados, olives and cold pressed oils, whole oats, rice germs and wheat germs.

Liver detoxification

Liver is the inner natural detoxifying machine, both traditional Chinese medicine and naturopathy consider many plants can promote such function of the liver. Milk thistle, dandalion root and Gotu kola are the herbs for this function; and general speaking, all the green leafy vegetables including cruciferous vegetables have such a function because of the rich containing of vitamins and bioactive small molecules that enhance liver’s detoxifying. Onion and garlic are considered as liver detoxifying and also rich in the flavonoid quercetin that is involved in immune modulating and promotion of liver’s metabolism. Spices such as thyme, turmeric, sage and rosemary sharpens liver’s function in detoxyfying.

Balance inner hormon

The modern pollution causes the increased levels of estrogenic chemicals almost every where, which causes the concern over both male and female’s health. Drinking organic milk from cows that eat grass without added hormones is also a natural balance of the inner hormones. Similar is the omega-3 oil.

Other anti-estrogenic approaches are to reduce the intake of sugar, genetically modified food and BPA containers. And at last, exercises increase the metabolism rate to remove more junk from the body.


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