Another sin the bad guy sugar does. Why can’t quit


Drinking-Soda-From-BottleThere is still arguments regarding sugar rich diet can promote the growth of cancer. Opponents say that there is no evidence showing better survival rate with sugar restricting diet. Recently a nine year long collaborative project in Belgium shows the mechanism that why cancer cells needs more than usual sugar.

This is why cancer favors sugar

Tumor grows so fast that the growth of supplying vessels can’t keep up with, and so that the center of the tumor will die that is called necrosis. Even so, the cancer cells takes advantage of the low oxygen growth environment by using sugar as source of energy. Actually the sugar metabolizing hormone insulin is structurally similar to many growth factors that promote the cancer cell growth. This is just another bad thing that sugar does to the body.

This is how we are addicted to sugar

Over the past forty years, the obesity in children has increased ten times around the world, because this age group in even more vulnerable to the addiction effect of sugar.  Sugar promotes the massive release of happy substance dopamine in the brain, and over time the threshold to get pleasure from sugar goes to higher levels, and more sugar are needed to satisfy the brain in order to keep up the release of dopamine. This is sugar craving. In order to quit sugar, one has to be strict on it, yes, abstinent on it. It is not just difficult, it is almost impossible for the children who is surrounded in a world full of sugary food.

Besides hooking people up to obesity, dental caries, diabetes and cardiovascular risk, this is just another sin that this bad guy does.