Meditation and cardiovascular risk: says AHA


Meditation reduces cardiovascular risk

A scientific statement was given last week from american heart association, in a scientific way, says that more study and trials to be done to confirm the beneficial effects.

How is medical practice related to a different philosophy

The western society gets the eastern concepts by little piece by piece. With the language barrier, it is literally impossible to understand the whole thing. One of little pieces is meditation. Gongfu (kung fu) is not just movement and gestures, it is meditation and movement of Qi (movable substance in the whole body and is driven by the peaceful brain thought).

When someone practice Gongfu, they are doing meditation. The best place for Gongfu is a quiet and peaceful environment, best without any disturbing, say, deep in the mountains. The experience and practice that people teach generations after generations over thousands of years is now taken a piece to do large scale clinical trial with billions of dollars.

The result will be a small piece of the whole philosophy.

What people got naturally from the nature in the ancient times has been proven effective and beneficial by the most finicky opinions. It is currently being proven again and again in the wellness and health spas in the western countries. Now it officially draws attention from the policy makers to consider as part of the health care system.

Above all, the most important part of the announcement is to potentially add some benefits to the cardiovascular health. So even it is just a small piece of the true eastern practice, it is something that has to be done first.