Integrative Medicine

How do I feel about Naturopathic Medicine as a medical scientist and a surgeon

grad 9-2With the expertise from both sides of the health care, I was asked about my feelings about the experience of working with people that seems to live in completely different worlds. Of course nothing is perfect and science/medicine is also done by the limitations of human being. Neither side has nothing to do with glory or absolute properness; and both are just a job that human beings try to know the nature. Being in the top-notch institute of medicine and science, I know how much the system needs be improved. This can also be felt day to day by patients who experiences the inefficiency and inefficacy in hospitals or clinics. On another hand, if naturopathic medicine has to be compared with science/medicine, it has nothing to do with stupidity and fake. Everything is relative. Along the long human history, people’s health are dominated by God and nature, and both science and naturopathy are the product of human’s brain. The current problem is that medicine has recruited some of the smartest students (certainly only a small percentage among which) to that profession, and therefore more brilliant people should be involved in both professions. Medical doctors’ view is also very limited, which is the reason that top medical schools have the seven years of MD/PhD program to train physicians. This is a way to train doctors with a deeper understanding of human biology and a broader picture of philosophies when looking at certain things, no matter it is a scientific project or a puzzle in a patient’s condition. Providing health care is all about the broadness and depth of the practitioner’s knowledge and experience, say, when facing a question, how many answers that he can think of; when thinking of one condition, how many other potential conditions could be correlated; how well he can balance all the possibilities when giving treatments. Many times, one small piece of knowledge could be the determinant in the outcome of health care. But this piece of information is what he picked out from the accumulation of twenty or thirty years. Reading Harrison’s internal medicine is like reading a novel for a good doctor, because he is getting and referring all the information in his brain. This requires the doctors to study human being as well as other parts of the nature for their life time.